Safety rules

  1. The golden rule: Enter at your own risk. Visitors should be aware of the risk of injury, and act according to this knowledge.
  2. Closed toes shoes are required, even though the distance between you and the target is approximately 10 feet, Murphy’s law is always in effect.
  3. Only one axe at a time, at the target.
  4. Only one player throws at a time.
  5. Stand at least two steps away from any player throwing an axe.
  6. Do not leave axes laying around. Put them back where they belong or directly to the Axpert.
  7. Throw the axes only at the target – never towards other players or anybody else.
  8. Do not fight with the axes like with swords.
  9. Treat the other players and the Axperts with respect.
  10. Always go through the instructions with the instructor before you start throwing.
  11. Children can throw axes, if they can read, but they must be accompanied by their parents or by their legal guardians.
  12. Outside food and drinks are allowed but only in moderation.
  13. Time is relative, and thus each visitor is responsible to keep track of their own time.
  14. This sport is group activity. So we make sure to allow other players to throw.
  15. The Axpert has the last word, and what he says is final.

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  • OTEVŘENO od rána do noci.

    Stačí jen zavolat pár hodin předem a domluvit si konkrétní hodinu. Nebude-li to v kolizi s jiným termínem, tak budeme vám k dispozici KDYKOLI! 😉